Keeping Manufacturing in Australia

New Australian Partnership

CNC Manufacturing in Melbourne are pleased announce that we have just partnered with Water Wise Water Trucks to manufacture their P651 pneumatic water cannon in Australia. After importing and selling a range of US truck mounted water cannons, Water Wise Water Trucks Australia have now released their own product, designed and manufactured in Australia by CNC Manufacturing in Lilydale, Melbourne.

Not only is their new P651 pneumatic water cannon a vast improvement on the imported product, but by partnering with CNC Manufacturing, Water Wise have been able to put it on the local and world market at extremely competitive pricing.

Designed for easy installation and operation, the product offers a significantly better alternative to what is currently available in the industry.

With the cost of sourcing and importing product that suited both the Australian and International markets, we were determined to design a better water cannon and have it made locally where we could control quality and supply. When we finally found David Bridges at CNC Manufacturing we were amazed at both the quality and economy of working with a local CNC Machining company. David worked with us to develop precision formed components for the new P651 and the end result far outshone anything we had seen from OS suppliers.

– Simon Jones | Operations Manager | Water Wise Water Trucks –