About Us

Using the latest CNC technology,precise manufacturing processes, and a strong focus on customer needs we produce exceptionally high-quality components at very competitive rates. Our Engineers are experts in their field and whether you require a small or large batch run we can bring your engineering concepts to life.

We are proudly an Australian owned and operated business striving to keep manufacturing in Australia
CNC Manufacturing Melbourne was founded by David Bridges in 2006 and is based in Melbourne. With over 30 years experience in the machining industry, David has a reputation for quality, precision and attention to detail. He has travelled overseas, predominantly Japan and Germany to continually expand his knowledge and experience in engineering efficiency and technology.

Our CNC Capabilities

Precision CNC Manufacturing Melbourne

CNC Manufacturing Capabilities

Latest CNC Technology

We have a variety of CNC machining centres in operation, giving us the capability and flexibility to produce the most complex components by integrating the latest CNC manufacturing techniques.

CNC Manufacturing Capabilities

Strict Quality Control

We combine the latest CNC technology with our Engineering services as well as strict quality control processes to ensure products are produced to exacting standards, in a timely manner.

CNC Manufacturing Capabilities

Development Advice

We can offer project development assistance and expert advice in the implementation of concepts and can assist in the management of entire projects from inception through to completion. From Pre Manufacture, Manufacture and Post Manufacture we are here to support our customer needs.

CNC Manufacturing Capabilities

Competitive Pricing

Using the latest CNC technology and precise manufacturing techniques our processes are extremely efficient so that we produce exceptionally high-quality components at very competitive rates and in a timely manner. With our number one goal being the customer.

CNC Manufacturing Capabilities

Ongoing Partnerships

We build solid, long-term relationships with our customers by developing a strong understanding of their needs. Delivering more than just a part we pride ourselves on Pre Manufacture and Post Manufacture value to our customers to ensuring our customer needs are met.

CNC Manufacturing Capabilities

Multi-industry Capabilities

With extensive experience in the manufacturing industry, we have the capacity to deliver high quality CNC Milling and CNC Turning services to a wide range of industries. Specialising in 5 Axis machining.